Sale / Clearance T’s & C’s

Sale Terms and Conditions

*** Current Sale/Offer :

Warehouse Spring Clearance - clearing much needed space in our warehouse.

  • All Bargain Basement products are sold on a no return / no exchange basis and only sizes /styles listed are available at the bargain basement price.
  • The Beatwear Sale items are on a no return / no exchange basis ... we are practically giving these items away at the price we are charging! We don't mind putting these on sale at low prices as we need the space .... however it is not cost effective to have the sale if we have them back as exchanges or returns so we no return/exchange on these sale/clearance products ... please check the information carefully before buying.
  • All items are new with no defects - unless specified as second choice or clearance lots. 


See below for further terms and conditions of sale & discounted items & coupon events

• Sale & Discontinued Items
The footwear in the Sale & Discontinued Items Section are our Beatwear discontinued colours, finishes and styles so when they have all been sold the stock will not be replenished, or if there is a particular sale on for any reason then the clothing or footwear involved will be highlighted in this section too. These are brand new and factory perfect unless stated otherwise. Only the items in the Sale & Discontinued section will have a reduced price, and is only limited to the actual colour, finish or style that is on sale page ... it does not include any other non-sale footwear in the same Beatwear collections.

• Beatwear Clearance Lots
The footwear in the Individual Beatwear Clearance Lot’s are our ‘second choice’ from the factory which means they have not passed the rigorous quality control, there may only be a slight flaw but they have not passed for the ‘first choice’ pick. The lower price reflects the scale of the flaw. There is only one pair available in each listing. The images on the listing for these boots show the actual boot lot on sale and has a close-up image of any flaw.

BOGOF items - if the original item is being returned then the free item must be returned along with it.

• Guest Brands Clearance 
Every so often Beatwear has the opportunity to aquire a Guest Brand, the current Guest Brands are The Archie Eyebrows, London & The 19.60 Winkle.Pickers Collections.
These are both disconinued brands for differing reasons, so once the footwear has been sold there will be no replenishment of the stock. They are all on the sixtiesbeatwear website at a clearance price, and are brand new stock.

Terms & Conditions of the Sale & Discontinued Items, The Beatwear Clearance Lots & The Guest Brands, and Coupon Events

Any purchase will be subject to the specific terms and conditions of the offer, promotion or discount in question and will be subject to availability. All offers, Promotions and Discounts are exclusive and cannot be used in conjunction with another.
We are unable to exchange or refund sale / clearance items sent to addresses outside of the EEC. – unfortunately at the moment we are no longer able to send items to the Russian Federation
In the event of any footwear becoming faulty or under complaint we regret that we are unable to cover any return shipping costs.

Beatwear (Sixties Limited) reserve the right to refuse or withdraw any offer, promotion or discount at any time.
Please note : Limited Editions are not sale items (unless specified) … they are just a tight range made out of small pieces of special leather/suedes
Please make sure you continue to read our normal terms and conditions for non-sale items

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