Tina Turner The Musical

Taken from the Tina Turner Musical website (https://tinathemusical.com)

"It's really important to me to have the chance to share my full story. This musical is not about my stardom. It is about the journey I took to get there. Each night I want audiences to take away from the theatre that you can turn poison into medicine" ... Tina Turner

On now at The Aldwich Theatre in London's West End.


Beatwear was very honoured to get a call from the stylist, and we supplied both boots and clothing from our Beatwear range for some of the cast of The Tina Turner Musical.

We sent down some of our gorgeous London Mod Suits in the Vibrant Blue, along with some Winkle Pickers, Original Chelsea and Classic style boots.

Look out for them when you go and see this fabulous show.