Appointments Only @ Beatwear Showroom

Monday, 10 July 2017 14:46:58 Europe/London

The Beatwear Showroom - Appointments Only!

The Beatwear Showroom is now on the beautiful Wirral Penninsular, just over the River Mersey, a quick 15 minutes by car from the City of Liverpool.

It is situated inside our office/warehouse complex. Away from the hustle and bustle of Liverpool ... we have parking on site! (with no lovely Rita's waiting to jump out!) and everything under one roof.

We offer appointments for customers to come and view the whole Beatwear Collection and our guest brands, and the opportunity to try before they buy or order and get it shipped!

Appointments can be made by contacting - we try to be flexible with the appointment times/dates so after-hours and weekend slots are usually available.

We are happy to welcome customers from near and far.

Having trouble getting over to us from Liverpool? ... if there is someone available we can come over and pick you up, or you can drive or get a taxi from the city centre. It's just a short journey through the Mersey tunnel.

Please be aware that appointments can get booked up quite quickly around certain times of the year - such Liverpool's famous 'International Beatle Week' in August.

Due to the flexibility of appointments, the showroom is not always open when there are no appointments booked in, we do not adhere to the usual shop open hours ... as we are not a shop! Therefore it is best not to turn up on the off chance to avoid disappointment. 

showroom customer picture

• Picture shows some of our valued Beatwear customers with Mark.

From the comfort of our Beatwear Showroom customers can get honest advise from Mark on fit and style of the clothing and boots on offer at Beatwear. And have a brief history lesson on the inspiration behind the individual Beatwear products!

We try to offer the long forgotten 'old fashioned' personal sales service - we would like to have our customers enjoy their time with us and to keep coming back. Repeat custom is just as important to us as new customers!

If you are not in the Merseyside area, why not have a look at our growing list of stockists. These can be found on the top row menu on the home page.

If you think you have a store with the right look for our Beatwear product and would like to be a Beatwear stockist, please get in touch on the email address shown above.

We look forward to meeting you very soon!...

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Beatwear Cuban Heel Boots

Thursday, 16 February 2017 16:12:41 Europe/London

The Beatwear Cuban Heel Boot Collection.

The Beatles and their cuban heel boots!

John Lennon is longer cuban heel boots (Lennon Boots)            Boot shopping in the 1960's

Our inspiration for the cuban heel boots came from the ones worn by The Beatles, The KInks, The Stones and their contemporaries in the 1960's. We think it is still an iconic timeless look, and thankfully a lot of you agree with us!

Legend has it that in the 1960's the Beatles saw a pair of Flamenco Boots in a shop window and had shoemakers Annello & Davide make them something similar out of a traditional pair of chelsea boots with an added higher flamenco heel. The rest is history!

Beatwear Boots 

Beatwear Boots Being Made

All of our Beatwear brand footwear is manufactured in Italy, using leathers and suedes sourced in Italy.

Our sought-after Beatwear boots come in eight fabulous styles now, most have a core line of black Italian leather and suede but with a few other, and more wilder, extravagant colours thrown in to mix it up a bit. Some colours are Limited Editions as the leathers are hard to come by and in small quantities so you can be guaranteed a unique look!

Each Beatwear boot is handcrafted using the finest grade Italian Leathers and Suedes, the softest Italian leather linings and finished with an Italian leather sole (no resin soles on our boots!).

It is Italian craftsmanship at it's best! Each step of the production is carefully carried out by the highly skilled artisans in small family run factories in a beautiful area of Italy. These factory workers have honed their skills over many years and passed their expertise down through the generations, made in the traditional way, and achieving a quality that they and we are extremely proud of.

We offer a lower Cuban heel version in some styles along with the higher Cuban heel, as we know that the height is not to everyone’s taste. Since the addition of the DC5 and The Ringo styles, we now offer 3 different heel heights!

The Beatwear boots are based on the original patterns and lasts from the 1960’s – but we have tweaked them a bit to give a more comfortable fit!

Talk to those who wore the original ones back in the day and they will tell you they were certainly not for the faint hearted, (that's if their parents would allow them to wear the boots at the time - apparently not all did!)

Our boots can now be lovingly worn for longer whether it is up and down the high street or night after night on stage. Brand new to the Beatwear Collection is the DC5 & Ringo Range, the Beatwear Shoe range ...and the long awaited Women's range of Cuban Heel Boots, however we do have a lot of women who buy the smaller men's sizes already!


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The Beatwear Mod Suit Collection

Thursday, 16 February 2017 13:33:00 Europe/London

The Beatwear Mod Suits were inspired by a suit worn by John Lennon off-stage in the early 1960's.

This 3 button, side vented jacket with narrow lapel was heavily influenced by the American Ivy League Fashion and the Italian tailoring of it's day.

Many years ago, Professor Colin Fallows - Professor of Sound and Visual Arts at Liverpool John Moores University, collaborated with Mark Astbury - founder of Beatwear, in the careful research and design of this very authentic 60's Mod suit.

Beatwear now offers two different finishes in their Mod Suit Collection.

We have The Lennon Mod Suit in a navy pinstripe and The London Mod Suit in a beautiful vibrant blue with covered buttons.

The Mod Suit Jacket

1960’s Cut Single breasted jacket with 3 button fastening & 4 Covered buttons on cuff (covered buttons on the London Mod Suit)

Featuring a narrow lapel & a ticket pocket, and side vented with a gorgeous Paisley Print Lining.

Made of 95% Pure New Wool & 5% Mohair. The cloths are made by Alfred Brown Worsted Mills, England to Beatwear’s specification.

The Mod Suit Drainpipe Trousers

Again a 1960’s cut to the trousers.

Featuring Belt loops & 1 rear seat pocket and two side pockets. Drainpipe (stovepipe) style with 15″ bottom

As the jacket the trousers are made from 95% Pure New Wool & 5% Mohair with cloth made by Alfred Brown Worsted Mills, England

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The Beatwear Sullivan Suit

Thursday, 16 February 2017 13:28:00 Europe/London

The Ed Sullivan Show

Beatles backstage at The Ed Sullivan Show

(not our photographs of the Beatles - credit to the photographers)

     On February 9, 1964, the British Invasion began with The Beatles playing live on The Ed Sullivan Show in front of an estimated 73 million Americans.

Ed Sullivan introduced The Beatles, and was almost immediately drowned out by the screams of girls in the studio audience.

The Beatles continued to play twice that evening on The Ed Sullivan Show and “Beatlemania” had officially arrived stateside.

The exposure of The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1964 became a touchstone event for an entire generation and for music lovers everywhere.

Never before had so many viewers tuned-in to a live television program, which with 73 million viewers, was three-fourths of the total adult audience in the United States.

A music group from England had never crossed over into American culture in such a way, and, at the time, it wasn’t too common for a variety television show to book an English rock band. However, because Ed Sullivan traveled to England frequently, and had a great eye for talent, The Beatles caught his attention and earned a slot on his popular variety program on CBS.

As the legend goes, Ed Sullivan had seen the crowds of Beatles fans at London Airport trying to catch a glimpse of the band on their way back from touring Sweden in 1963.

Again in 1963, The Beatles and Ed Sullivan’s paths collided, when he personally witnessed another huge airport reception before The Beatles played the Royal Variety Show. It became incredibly clear that The Beatles had taken over England, and were ready to ignite teenagers in America with their catchy pop songs, adorable personalities and witty banter.

Sullivan later told The New York Times, “I made up my mind that this was the same sort of mass hit hysteria that had characterized the Elvis Presley days.” With that, Ed Sullivan booked The Beatles American debut, which became a pivotal moment in American cultural history.

In fact, many baby boomers still ask each other, “where were you when you heard The Beatles sing for the first time on The Ed Sullivan Show?”

... Extract taken from the website -

The Ed Sullivan Show


The Beatwear Sullivan Suit


Our Beatwear replica of the suits worn by The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show.

The Beatwear Sullivan Suit consists of Jacket and Trousers in a Black Pure New Wool.

• The 1960’s cut single breasted jacket has side vents, a 4 button fastening with a Styled Lapel and Gorgeous Paisley Print Lining. Made from 100% Pure New Wool (320g/m) and features a black velvet collar.

• The matching Drainpipe Trousers have an elasticated adjustable waist band, with two side and one seat pocket. The width at the hem is 7 inches with a circumference of 14 inches.

Find the Beatwear Sullivan Suit under the '60's Style Suits' tab on the Clothing Menu...

The Beatwear Sullivan Suit

Shop the Beatwear Sullivan Suit ... click here



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