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We are a small independent family run business. 

The Beatwear brand has been supplying high quality sixties style men’s cuban heel boots and clothing since 1993, originally from our base on Mathew Street in the Cavern Quarter of Liverpool, England. Over the years we have moved around a bit - a couple of locations in Liverpool City Centre, ...and we also had an additional pop-up store in Camden Stables Market in London for a short while. Since the end of 2014 we have been located on The Wirral Penninsular (just a short ferry ride across the River Mersey!). Our Head Office and Showroom is in Bromborough, all under one roof, where customers can make an appointment to come and view the entire Beatwear Collection, try on, buy or just get some fitting advise. At the showroom you get to have our full attention and you get to peruse at your leisure, we do like the good old-fashioned kind of customer service, much like they did in the 60's!

• Boots: Our inspiration for the cuban heel boots came from the ones worn by The Beatles, The KInks, The Stones and their contemporaries in the 1960's. We think it is still an iconic timeless look, and thankfully a lot of you agree with us! 
Our sought-after Beatwear boots come in eight fabulous styles now, most have a core line of black Italian leather and suede but with a few other, and more wilder, extravagant colours thrown in to mix it up a bit. Some colours are Limited Editions as the leathers are hard to come by and in small quantities so you can be guaranteed a unique look! We offer a lower Cuban heel version in some styles along with the higher Cuban heel, as we know that the height is not to everyone’s taste. Since the addition of the DC5 and The Ringo styles, we now offer 3 different heel heights!
The Beatwear boots are based on the original patterns and lasts from the 1960’s – but we have tweaked them a bit to give a more comfortable fit! Talk to those who wore the original ones back in the day and they will tell you they were certainly not for the faint hearted, (that's if their parents would allow them to wear the boots at the time - apparently not all did!) Our boots can now be lovingly worn for longer whether it is up and down the high street or night after night on stage. Each boot is handcrafted in small family run factories in Italy, made using the finest grade Italian Leathers and Suedes, the softest Italian leather linings and finished with an Italian leather sole (no resin soles on our boots!) … a quality product that we are extremely proud of – we are firm believers in the old adage … ‘you get what you pay for!’ 
Brand new to the Beatwear Collection is the DC5 & Ringo Range, the Beatwear Shoe range ...and the long awaited Women's range of Cuban Heel Boots, however we do have a lot of women who buy the smaller men's sizes already!

• Clothing: Our Beatwear clothing line is growing too, and is increasingly popular. We like to use English woven cloth where we can for our clothing range, chosen and sourced by us from British Woollen Mills, and finished by skilled and dedicated craftsmen. Our jackets and trousers have a slightly different fit to the regular clothes of today, it is a bit more snug and slimmer fitting just like they used to be in the days of the Beatles and the Kinks etc. We have some that are replica's of the Suits worn by the Beatles back in the day, such as the Sullivan, the Chesterfield, the Hard Days Night and the Collarless, plus some lesser known styles that we have researched, with those who know, for authenticity like the slick Mod Suits. The classic 1960's look never seems to go out of fashion. We have people ordering suits for their weddings, christenings, formals, for stage wear and just for everyday regular wear. To compliment our suits we have our fab shirts with nine different collar styles, all made in a lovely white cotton. Our Beatwear coats have been a big hit with our customers too - especially when they come and see the quality of them in the showroom. 

Beatwear attracts musicians, bands and customers from all over the world – we are always amazed and honoured when people come over just to see us and buy from our Beatwear Collection! 
There seems to be no specific age range for our Beatwear customers, we have teens to silver foxes! … and Beatwear products can be found adorning people all over the world!
Do watch out for them as they can be seen on major bands; performers; tribute bands; Musicians; Theatre Productions; Museums – The Madam Tussauds Group & The Beatles Story in Liverpool; Television and the film industry … as well as just regular street wear! 

Beatwear is always about the quality of our products and the attention to detail, the mantra that we keep hearing over and over again is that "the pictures on the website don't do justice to the great quality of the product", we're happy with that!

We hope that you enjoy using our website and love our products, if you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


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