A small independent family run business. 

The Beatwear brand has been supplying high quality sixties style men’s cuban heel boots, and subsequently clothing too, since 1993.

Founded by Liverpool born and bred Mark Astbury, the original boots  ... (just the Original Chelsea and Cavern boot's to begin with) were sold out of our regular mens shoe shop in Cavern Walks on Mathew Street in the Cavern Quarter of Liverpool, England.

Over the years we have had itchy feet and moved around a bit - a couple of locations in Liverpool City Centre and the Albert Dock, ...and we have also had an additional pop-up store in Camden Stables Market in London for a short while.

Beatwear has been known to have a stand at Beatle Conventions around the USA and every August Beatle Week you can usually find us at the Adelphi Hotel, along with various other trade and music shows throughout the year. Mark is well known on the Beatles festival circuit, and has had the opportunity to meet may famous, and infamous faces, along the way.

As we couldn't find the perfect location for us to have a physical store presence, and the fact that our customer base is actually spread around the globe, we made the big decision to just take it all online which we have been doing for a few years now.

Beatwear Founder Mark Astbury

Beatwear Founder - Mark Astbury

Mark has worked with a fabulous footwear factory in Italy for many years, he is very particular when it comes to the creation, the production and the quality of the Beatwear products, some may say a bit OCD about it !!

In the early years we did look at other countries for the production of our boots, but once we found our Italian factory and the beautiful quality and love that they put into our boots we have stayed with them. Loyalty, which is often missing today, is a big deal for us, and as small family business we like the more personal approach, rather than the big automated machines!

The Beatwear brand & The webstores www.sixtiesbeatwear.co.uk and www.beatwear.com are part of Sixties Ltd. 

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Mark with some Beatwear Customers at the Beatwear Showroom

Mark Astbury (founder of Beatwear) here with Beatwear Customers "Twin Guns" in the old Beatwear Showroom just before we moved out!

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